Child Support

Child support is an important issue to address when children are involved as parents undergo a divorce or separation. However, the process of setting it up can be time-consuming and complex without a lawyer to guide families through it.

At Lawrence & Jecmen PLLC, we have seasoned child support lawyers who can help you navigate the procedure successfully. Our years of experience in the industry have prepared us to handle all the necessary matters in a divorce. Learn more about our approach.

Setting Up Child Support

Establishing child support is an essential step in the divorce process. Professional child support lawyers are here to help courts create and enforce orders for a former partner to pay support. Two parties are usually involved in setting up a child support order:

1. Obligor Parent:

This parent is in charge of supplying the monthly child support payments from their income (minus certain deductions).

2. Obligee Parent:

This is the parent who receives child support and is authorized to use the money to offset expenses for the child in his or her home.

During a divorce or separation, these parents must establish a system that works for them. If neither party can reach an agreement, professional child support lawyers help resolve the situation. Consider speaking with our seasoned experts for solutions.

Child Support from the Obligor Parent

Child support payments come from the following financial sources:

  • Earned Income: Children primarily get financial support from their divorced parent’s regular paycheck. The amount will depend on numerous different factors including the number of children, time the children spend with each parent, insurance, and childcare costs to name a few.
  • Income from Other Sources: Determining child support includes other types of compensation received by the parents. This can include business profits, bonuses, commissions, trust income, rental income, overtime, and recurring contributions to living expenses by other family members or friends.

Obligors must make the payments that the court determines each month. They must also maintain the payments even if their financial situation changes, whether it is because they changed jobs or became unemployed. In the event an obligor is unable to pay due to a change in circumstances, he or she needs to involve the court as soon as possible.

In either case, child support lawyers can help modify existing orders if needed. Or perhaps enforcement of orders is necessary because the obligor has been failing to pay child support. Discuss your financial situation with a professional child support lawyer to understand your options.

Professional Child Support Lawyers

We have years of experience in resolving child support cases. Our experts at Lawrence & Jecmen PLLC are dedicated to helping divorcing couples find common ground when it comes to the children involved in the separation. Count on us to review your situation thoroughly to establish the best arrangement for everyone involved.

Consult With a Professional Child Support Lawyer

We understand how complicated navigating a divorce can be. When it comes to setting up child support, consider getting a child support lawyer to guide you through the process. Contact our professional attorneys at (602) 807-1400 to discuss your situation today.