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Our team of highly experienced and reliable Scottsdale divorce lawyers understands that divorce creates a lot of concerns, legal decision making and parenting time, commonly referred to as “custody” being at the top of the list when there are children. Our team of Scottsdale divorce lawyers has decades of experience supporting families in crafting custody agreements.

We’ll listen to your goals, explain your rights, and offer custody strategies that align with your vision for the future. We take pride in building a strong foundation of trust with our clients. With straightforward legal guidance and support both in and out of the courtroom, our priority is to offer calm and tranquility during an otherwise tumultuous time.

Family Law Practice Areas

In addition to specializing in legal decision making and parenting time (custody), we offer a comprehensive suite of family law services to our clients seeking seasoned family law attorneys in Scottsdale to navigate divorce proceedings as well as other areas related to family law.

  • Legal Decision Making & Parenting Time (Custody)

    Advocating to maximize and maintain your role in your children’s lives

  • Child Support

    Determining child support to be paid from one parent to the other by analyzing the factors that are included in these calculations.

  • Business and Divorce

    Guiding the complex aspects of a divorce that involves one or more business owners.

  • Prenuptial Agreements

    Crafting agreements that allow couples to plan a bright and secure future together.

  • Spousal Maintenance

    Evaluating claims for spousal maintenance and the factors for determining the amount and duration

  • Asset Division and Property Division

    Navigating the process of dividing assets and debts during a divorce to determine who gets what.

  • Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

    Enabling couples to dissolve their relationship in a flexible way that avoids court litigation.

  • Paternity

    Navigating the law around paternity and the rights and obligations of both the parents and the child to each other and others.

Meet Our Founding Family Law Attorneys

Andi C_Lawrence

Andi C. Lawrence


Andi boldly leads her clients toward the realization of a new beginning with alacrity, superior knowledge, and a dedication to putting family first. Unapologetically straightforward, her winning approach helps clients understand not only what is possible, but probable, in the dissolution of their marriage so that they can make informed, smart decisions throughout the process.

Learn more about Andi, a top Scottsdale divorce attorney.

Tabitha Jecmen

Tabitha A. Jecmen


Tabitha has the knowledge and expertise to navigate her clients through the family court process with compassion. Her passion is to preserve and maintain family values through mediation and settlement. Recognizing that each person and case is different, Tabitha crafts creative solutions not always available through litigation. When negotiation proves unsuccessful, she is a skilled litigator who will advocate for you and your family.

Learn more about Tabitha, a top Scottsdale divorce attorney.

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